Inquisit 6 Help

Welcome to Inquisit 6 Help. You can browse through the table of contents for categories of help, or you can search for help based on keywords using the Index or the Search tabs. In addition, the Inquisit script editor supports context sensitive help - just put the cursor inside any script element and press F1, and the help topic for that element will open. For more information about Inquisit, you may want to join the Millisecond Online Forums, a virtual community where Inquisit users can post questions and share information about Inquisit. In addition, you may visit our web site at or email us at

Getting Started

Introduction - an overview of Inquisit and how it works.

Inquisit Tutorials - walk through the steps of creating an Inquisit script.

Designing Experiments

Language Reference - a complete guide to Inquisit's commands.

How To - programming tips and tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Additional Online Resources

User Forums - a message board for questions and answers from the Inquisit community.

Inquisit Task Library - download sample scripts demonstrating how to program a variety of tasks in Inquisit.