Inquisit How To's

This section contains how-to topics on various Inquisit features. If you don't find what you are looking for here, please email your question or request to .

How to Interoperate with Web Survey Packages

How to Adjust the Response Window

How to Combine Multiple Data Files into a Single File

How to Run an Experiment from the Command Line

How to do Conditional Branching

How to Control Trial Duration and Inter-Trial Intervals

How to Erase Stimuli

Useful Keyboard Commands

How to Run Individual Blocks, Trials, Stimuli, and Instruction Pages

How to Present Stimulus Pairs

How to Use the Parallel Port Monitor Tool (Windows and Mac)

How to Run an Experiment

How to Present TTL Signals Through the Parallel Port (Windows and Mac)

How to Record Responses from a Serial Response Box

How to Setup and Use Setup Speech Recognition

How to Present Stimuli Provided by Subjects

How to Debug a Script

How to Test a Script

How to Run an Inquisit 6 Experiment on the Web

How to Control Response Timing