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Free 30 Day Trial

Inquisit Lab has a built-in 30-day trial period during which it is fully functional. Simply download and install Inquisit, and the trial starts. When the trial expires, Inquisit will continue to run scripts but only data from the test monkey are saved. If you purchase a license after the trial period, simply register and all functionality will be restored.

We offer the free trial period so that you can be certain Inquisit meets your needs before initiating a purchase. While you can also use the trial period to conduct actual research or classroom demonstrations, we hope you'll support Inquisit and purchase a license if you are using it for real work.

How to Order

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Phone/Fax: 1-800-789-9710


Software Delivery. Inquisit is delivered by email. Please include the end user address with purchase orders.

Payment Methods. We accept credit cards, bank transfers, and USD checks.

Resellers. Order through your preferred reseller or through one of our partners.

Millisecond W-9. Our W-9 can be downloaded here.