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Remote and In-Person Psychological Testing

The Inquisit platform offers licensing options for local and online administration of cognitive and neuropsychological tests, assessments, and integration with neurophysiological measures.

Inquisit Lab

Stand-alone app for in-person testing, local data collection, and test programming.

Inquisit Web

Cloud service for online administration of tests on computers and mobile devices.

Inquisit EDU

Cloud service for student research in undergraduate psychology classes.

Comprehensive Test Library

Millisecond offers 817 tests measuring psychological constructs from almost all domains of psychology.

Free with Inquisit License

Use any tests in our library at no extra charge.

Fully Customizable

Use our tests out of the box, customize them, or program your own novel tests.

Remote and Local Administration

Administer tests on your local computer or online. Tests run with exactly the same performance and data output in either environment.

Multiple Languages

If a test isn't available in your preferred language, translate it with free assistance from Millisecond.

Programming Services

Use Millisecond's fast, affordable programming services to create your own custom or novel tasks.

Cross Platform

Administer tests on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.


Our Customers

Millisecond provides software and consulting services to customers in the following research industries.

  • Cognitive, Clinical, Social, Developmental, Organizational, Personality, Educational, Sports, and Forensic Psychology
  • Clinical Trials, Psychopharmacology
  • Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Brain Mapping
  • Behavioral Economics, Decision Making
  • Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Communications
  • Human Factors, HCI, Usability
  • Employment Screening, HR

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