Programming Services

Millisecond offers fast, affordable custom test programming for your research.

Get a quote

To receive a quote, send the details of your task or experiment to If the details of the procedure have been published, send us the article. Otherwise, please include the following:

  • Overview of the experimental design (e.g., repeated measures, between-subjects manipulations, etc.) and which tests will be used.
  • Procedural details including conditions, number of trials, and task flow
  • Practice trials if any
  • Instructions for participants
  • Performance feedback such as error messages for incorrect responses
  • Survey questions
  • Stimuli such as word lists, images, videos, and sounds
  • Data output such as test scores and subscales

If we have questions or find ambiguities in your procedure, we will contact you for clarification.


We endeavor to deliver your custom experiment as agreed. Any bugs found in the script will be fixed as part of the quoted price.

We will try to accommodate changes to the project as they come up. If such changes increase scope of the project, additional charges may apply.

An Inquisit license is required to run your custom tests. The cost of licenses is not included in the programming quote.