Choose from two types of product licenses:

Licenses can be purchased for individuals or for an entire business/department.

Both products run experiments exactly the same. They differ only in how experiments are administered.

Inquisit Lab or Inquisit Web?

Inquisit Web is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Data will be collected from participants remotely.
  • Participants will be recruited from online panels such as TurkPrime or Amazon MTurk or from geographically dispersed populations.
  • Data will be collected using large numbers of connected devices such as in a large lab or classroom.
  • Data will be collected on iOS, Android, or Chromebook devices.

Inquisit Lab is ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Data will be collected locally on dedicated Windows/Mac workstations or laptops.
  • Regulations require that data remain within your system rather than be uploaded and stored in cloud.
  • Behavioral measures must be synced with EEG, fMRI, eye trackers, and other physiological instruments.
  • Data will be collected on computers without Internet access.
  • You will be programming or customizing tests.

Compare Inquisit Web and Lab

Supported Platforms Inquisit Web Inquisit Lab
iOS (iPads, iPhones)
Android phones and tablets
Chrome OS notebooks
Task UI automatically adapts to device
Features and Capabilities Inquisit Web Inquisit Lab
Online data collection
Offline data collection
Run scripts from the Millisecond Test Library
Run custom scripts
Program and debug custom scripts
Sync with neurophysiological systems (EEG, EKG, fMRI), eye trackers, etc.
Record verbal responses
Record photo and screen captures
Integrate with Qualtrics, Sona Systems, MTurk, REDCap, and other online platforms.
Millisecond accurate timing of stimuli and responses
Touchscreen support
*Windows only
Data Transmission and Storage Inquisit Web Inquisit Lab
Store data locally on the device
Store data in the Millisecond cloud
Store data on your own server
Data encryption
Export data to Excel or CSV format

Compare Licenses

Inquisit Web Inquisit Lab
Individual Departmental Individual Departmental
Total number of participants
Number of simultaneous participants 1 per license
Number of simultaneous experiments 1 per license 1 per license
Number of client devices for testing 1 per license
Number of accounts 1 per primary license 1 per primary license
Number of users per account 40 40 40 40