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Adult Temperament Questionnaire - Effortful Control Scale (ATQ-ECS)

The effortful control subscale of the ATQ, a self report measure of temperament developed by Mary Rothbart.

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Find peer-reviewed, published research using the Inquisit Adult Temperament Questionnaire - Effort Control Scale (ATQ-ECS)

Evans, D.E., & Rothbart, M.K. (2007). Development of a model for adult temperament. Journal of Research in Personality, 41, 868-888.

Zientek, F., Winter, K., Müller, A., Rullmann, M., Luthardt, J., Becker, G., . . . Hesse, S. (2016). Effortful control as a dimension of temperament is negatively associated with prefrontal serotonin transporter availability in obese and non‐obese individuals. European Journal of Neuroscience, 44(7), 2460-2466.

Uljarevi, M., Richdale, A., Evans, D., Cai, R., & Leekam, S. (2017). Interrelationship between insistence on sameness, effortful control and anxiety in adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Molecular Autism, 8, Molecular Autism, 2017, Vol.8.

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