Millisecond Test Library: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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Corsi Block Tapping Task - Corsi (1972)

Digit Span - Lumiley & Calhoon (1934)

Digit Symbol Substitution Test - Thorndike (1919)

Flanker Task - Eriksen & Eriksen (1974)

General Family Functioning Subscale - Epstein et al (1983)

Global Local Task - Navon (1977)

Manikin Test of Spatial Orientation and Transformation - Englund et al (1987)

Nine-Hole Peg Test - Earhart et al (2011)

Prospective Memory Task - Cheng et al (2013)

Simple Reaction Time Task - Bliss (1893)

Spatial Relations Task - Salthouse (2006)

Stroop Task - Stroop (1935)

Symbol Search - Millisecond (2017)

Trail Making Test - Reitan (1955)

Verbal Selective Reminding Task - Buschke (1973)

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) - Grant & Berg (1948)