Millisecond Test Library: Executive Functioning

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Affective Shift Task (AST) - De Lissnyder et al (2010)

Flanker Squared Task - Burgoyne et al (2023)

Hearts and Flowers Task - Davidson et al (2006)

Internal Shift Task (IST) - Koster et al (2013)

Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) - Bechara (1994)

Keep Track Task - Friedman et al (2008)

Luchins Water Jug Task - Luchins & Luchins (1950)

Permuted Rules Operation Task (PRO) - Cole et al (2018)

Probabilistic Reversal Learning Task - Cools et al (2002)

Reflexive Imagery Task (RIT) - Allen et al (2013)

Simon Squared - Burgoyne et al (2023)

Simon Task - Simon and Wolf (1963)

Stroop Squared - Burgoyne et al (2023)

Stroop Task - Stroop (1935)

Synonym Antonym Task - Salthouse et al (2003)

Tower of Hanoi Test - Humes et al (1997)

Tower of London Task - Shallice (1982)

Trail Making Test - Reitan (1955)

UNRAVEL Task - Altman et al (2014)

Wason Rule Discovery Test - Wason (1960)

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) - Grant & Berg (1948)