Millisecond Test Library: Motor Coordination

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Behavioural Laterality Battery - Parker et al (2020)

Detection Test - Maruff et al (2009)

Edinburgh Handedness Inventory - Oldfield (1971)

Finger Drumming Task - Parker et al (2020)

Finger Tapping Test - Reitan & Wolfson (1985)

Four Choice Reaction Time Task - Armstrong et al (2012)

Identification Test - Maruff et al (2009)

Mirror Tracing Task - Starch (1910)

Motor Praxis Test (MPT) - Taylor et al (2019)

Nasa Motor Tasks - Beard et al (2019)

Nine-Hole Peg Test - Earhart et al (2011)

Paced Motor Timing Task - Wittman et al (2007)

Psychomotor Vigilance Test - Thomann et al (2014)

Pursuit Rotor Task - Adams (1952)

Rapid Reaching Task - Dekker & Nardini (2016)

Road Sign Reaction Time Test - Edwards et al (2006)

Simple Reaction Time Task - Bliss (1893)

Timed Chase Test - Schroder et al (2004)

Trail Making Test - Reitan (1955)