Millisecond Test Library: Creativity and Problem Solving

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Abstract Matrix Reasoning - Matzen et al (2010)

Adams Task - Adams et al (2021)

Alternative Uses Task - Guilford (1967)

Anagrams Test - Novick & Sherman (2003)

Baddeley's Grammatical Reasoning Test - (Baddeley, 1968)

Brief Leiter International Performance Scale - Leiter (1936)

Cognitive Reflection Test - Frederick (2005)

Luchins Water Jug Task - Luchins & Luchins (1950)

Remote Associates Test (RAT) - Mednick & Mednick (1962)

Synergize Task - Erez et al (2015)

Tower of Hanoi Test - Humes et al (1997)

Tower of London Task - Shallice (1982)

Unsolvable Anagrams Task - Feather & Simon (1971)

Wason Rule Discovery Test - Wason (1960)

Zoo Task - Patel et al (2021)