Multi-Step Decision-Making Task (MSDM)

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Multi-Step Decision-Making Task

The Multi-Step Decision-Making Task (MSDM) task investigates people's decision making of multi-step problems within a reinforcement paradigm. This script implements Millisecond's version of the MSDM task. The implemented Inquisit procedure is based on Faulkner et al (2021) and is Millisecond's best guess effort of the implemented trainings and tests.
Duration: 45 minutes
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May 15, 2024, 5:21PM


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Faulkner, P., Huys, Q. J. M., Renz, D., Eshel, N., Pilling, S., Dayan, P., & Roiser, J. P. (2021). A comparison of “pruning” during multi-step planning in depressed and healthy individuals. Psychological Medicine, 1–9.