Quick Delay Questionnaire (QDQ)

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Quick Delay Questionnaire

A quick measure of delay aversion and discounting in adults (Clare et al, 2010)
Duration: 2 minutes
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Mar 13, 2024, 4:13PM


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Sylvia Clare, S., Helps, S. & Sonuga-Barke, E.J.S (2010). The quick delay questionnaire: a measure of delay aversion and discounting in adults. ADHD Atten Def Hyp Disord, 2, 43–48.

Thorell, Lisa B, Sjöwall, Douglas, Mies, Gabry W, & Scheres, Anouk. (2017). Quick Delay Questionnaire: Reliability, Validity, and Relations to Functional Impairments in Adults With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Psychological Assessment, 29(10), 1261-1272.