What's New in Inquisit 4

Inquisit 4 is a major update of Inquisit that has been years in the making. Our design goals for Inquisit 4 were to extend support to Mac OSX, enhance the power of the product, improve usability, and maintain compatibility with past releases in order to ensure an enticing and smooth upgrade path. We want to make Inquisit an essential tool for anyone conducting computer-based behavioral research. Towards these ends, Inquisit 4 introduces the following new features:

  • Mac support!
  • Native support for 64-bit Windows.
  • A new and improved editor, with support for opening multiple scripts and data files, tab UI, text colorization, improved error feedback, and a script navigation window
  • A new data editor for viewing data files with a spreadsheet UI, sorting, and filtering
  • Support for parallel port (PCI, PCI Express) signaling on Mac OS X.
  • Gaze point logging and gaze-contigent task paradigms with Tobii eye trackers with the Inquisit 4 Tobii Plugin.
  • Ability to right-click elements in the script and run them in isolation
  • Display a clock on the screen during long-running timed tasks
  • Support for drawing tasks such as Trail Making Test
  • Improved support for preserving relative size and scale across different screen resolutions
  • Support for presenting PNG images
  • Support for images with transparent pixels
  • More flexible assignment to between-group conditions
  • Improved support for administering tests in multiple languages
  • Present HTML pages as another type of stimulus
  • Dynamically create and modify the timing and content of stimulus sequences
  • Record a single line of summary data for each participant (in addition to saving raw data)
  • More control over layout of visual stimuli on the screen and enforcing consistent layouts across different shaped screens
  • Full UNICODE support for more robust support of Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew script
  • Easier methods for obtaining informed consent
  • Easier and more flexible randomization
  • Support for parallel port signaling on 64-bit Windows
  • New language constructs such as "else if" and increment operators for simpler and more concise expressions
  • More flexibility and control over redirecting participants to other web pages at the end of an experiment
  • Numerous script language improvements for simpler and more powerful scripts
  • Enhanced joystick support for paradigms such as the Approach Avoidance Task.

See the Inquisit 4 feature list for a complete list of Inquisit's capabilities.

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