Inquisit EDU

Psychological Resarch in the Classroom

Inquisit EDU is a simple, powerful platform enabling students to run real psychology experiments in a class or seminar. Students can replicate classic experiments or test novel hypotheses using any of the scientifically established measures in the Millisecond Test Library.

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Easy Convenient Data Collection

Inquisit EDU uses the Inquisit Web platform to make data collection for class projects convenient and simple. Students simply send out a link their study, and participants can run it remotely from their own computers, laptops, or iOS mobile devices. Each test produces summary data in ready-to-analyze format that can be easily imported into Excel or SPSS for simple inferential statistics.

How Does it Work?

  1. Purchase the license appropriate for your class size.
  2. When you are ready to begin, login and click the "Start" link on the license.
  3. Add your students to your account by email.
  4. Students can then login and choose a test from the library or upload their own customized test.
  5. Students recruit participants by sending a link to their test.
  6. Test data is downloaded and analyzed.

Licenses and Pricing

Each Inquisit EDU license enables you to create user accounts for up to the stated maximum number of students. The license entitles each student to collect data for the duration of a single term up to 4 months. Students have access to only their own tests and data. Course instructors have administrative access to all student projects. Tests and data are hosted on the Millisecond server until the license expires. See Inquisit EDU licensing agreement.

Inquisit EDU licenses are restricted to research projects by undergraduate or high school students. Use for post-graduate or faculty research violates the terms of the Inquisit EDU license.

Initial License

Renewal License

One Term - up to 15 students

$595 $495

One Term - up to 30 students

$995 $795

One Term - up to 45 students

$1295 $995

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