Inquisit Web supports administering psychological on iOS and Android mobile devices. Researchers can use these devices for remote testing or take the devices out into the field.

How does it work?

First, purchase a web license and upload your tests into your account.

Remote Testing:

If you are testing remote participants, email them the link to the launch page for your test. When participants browse to the page from their device, they'll see a link to the relevant app store, where they can download the free Inquisit Player app. Once the app is downloaded, they can click the "Start" button on the launch page, and it will launch the test in the Inquisit Player. At the end of the test, their data is uploaded to your account on

Field Research:

If you plan to do psychological testing in the field, install the free Inquisit Player from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto the field devices, browse to the launch page for your test from the device, and then click the "Start" button to run the test. If network connections are spotty, no worries, the Inquisit Player supports offline data collection. Touch the Scripts tab, find the test in your history list, and toggle the Offline switch to on. The test materials will then be downloaded to the local device to be used if no network connection is available. Data will also be stored locally until a network connection becomes available, at which point data are uploaded into your account.

Download and Install

The Inquisit Player can be installed from the following links:

Get it on Google Play Available on Fire

Visit the Millisecond Test Library to try out your favoriate psychological measures on your iOS or Android device.


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