Inquisit 6 Work Items

Inquisit 6.2.0 (June 8, 2020)

4704	iOS - Player doesn't open HTTPS url passed via app banner meta tag
4694	Android - test does not launch on the first try
4762	(Windows): Inquisit Web doesn't load sound files
4695	Android Crash: QWidget::windowState() const
4696	Android 10: SoundPlayer fails with AMEDIA_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED error
4703	Android - player crashes on launch
4705	Android Crash Report: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
4722	(Inquisit 6; Lab & Web; all platforms) Typing "@" character on certain keyboard layouts triggers built-in abort
4726	Android Player - weird paint issues when you attempt to upload the log
4728	(Inquisit 6, Android) Highlight ghost image appearing where previously focused text edit/line edit controls had been.
4729	(Player, Android) about:log text not always visible
4730	(Player, Android) Android 10. Share/save save will not be able to share outside App's sandbox.
4738	(Inquisit 6) htmlpage/page instructions show empty navigation buttons
4740	(Inquisit 6) page/htmlpage inputdevice = mouse does not work anymore
4755	(Inquisit 6) hjustify does not center the text anymore
4756	(Inquisit 6, Android, ios) 'picture story exercise': continue button (openended trial) does not work after 3 minutes as expected
4758	(Inquisit 6, all platforms) FiveFactorModel script doesn't present correctly anymore (but used to in earlier versions of Inquisit 6)
4761	(Inquisit 6, all platforms) Horizontalequal radiobuttons are not necessarily equally spaced anymore
4350	Allow playing mp3, m4a, etc using the sound element (instead of video hack)
4460	display.screenheight and display.screenwidth properties
4661	Monkey gets stuck on \6.x\samples\digitspan\digitspan_visual\digitspanvisual\digitspanvisual.iqx.
4681	(Inquisit6, win) re-use of local 'var' in expressions looks buggy
4691	Android Crash: QPlayerMainWindow::navigate(QUrl const&)
4709	(Inquisit 6, Android) Android screen shift and sizing weirdness when a keyboard is attached and we alternate between showing/hiding response widget
4713	(Inquisit 6, Android) Crash report: Release: 6.1.2 (5777): inquisit::IQTimer::isStarted()
4737	(Inquisit 6) Page-element shows large fontsize despite smaller fontsize specified in instruct
4753	(Inquisit 6) Millisecond Road Sign Test does not work as expected in Inquisit 6 anymore (drag/drop issue)
4668	(Inquisit 6, ios) attached bluetooth keyboard is not responsive for page & htmlpage instructions
4687	monkey fails to respond with anyresponse when default inputdevice=mouse
4700	Remove display.heightpx, display.heightpct, display.widthpx, and display.widthpct properties as they are redundant and/or useless
4701	Deprecate computer.languageid
4714	(Inquisit 6, Android/iOS) Crash report: Release: 6.1.2 (5777): inquisit::IQHash(QImage)::insertUnique(QString const&, QImage const&)+72
4718	Android Crash Report: IQPTestManager::startNextDownload()
4747	(Player 6,Android) Crash recorded in the play store - 6.1.2
4664    Add Inquisit Web to Amazon Kindle Store

Inquisit 6.1.2 (April 6, 2020)

4672	(Inquisit 6, Android) remote ABCD project crashed before math scripts
4405	Move XID support to the new Cedrus API
4639	Inquisit Player shouldn't attempt to upload cached data files when it has been launched to run a study
4674	Android - handling devices that are built with portrait as their 'natural' orientation
4646	(Inquisit6, ios) forced canvasaspectratios behave differently when run in a batch script
4647	(Inquisit6, android) forced canvasaspectratios behave inconsistently when run in a batch script
4648	(Inquisit 6, Mac) surveys radiobuttons display blue circles (when a freshly downloaded player is run for the first time)
4665	(Inquisit 6, iphone, windows) Font size of text is different between Inquisit 5 & 6
4683	(Inquisit 6, win) mouse cursor set to appear in center is off
4337	(inquisit 6) weird behavior when selecting text to be copied
4594	(Inquisit 6, win) surveys rotate from horizontal to vertical when screen is turned
4649	(Inquisit 6, Mac) font of response buttons for page elements is too dark
4652	(Inquisit 6) non required textbox with defaultresponse demands a response (different behavior in Inquisit 5)
4653	Language and response updates for new Cedrus API
4654	(Inquisit, ios) despite attached bluetooth keyboard built-in touch response buttons are presented
4660	(Inquisit 6) validresponse = ("1", "2", "0") also allows "r", "o", "p" (other numbers linked to different letters)
4666	(Inquisit 6, Mac) Certain expressions not resolved on HTML instruction pages
4667	(Inquisit 6, ios) trials run with bluethooth keyboard present distracting buttons on bottom of screen
4669	iOS Player - crash report
4655	(Inquisit 6, ios) ctrl-alt-q to quit a batch does not work on bluethooth keyboards
4657	(Inquisit 6, ios) html sizing (with pt) for text elements seems off in ios compared to Windows, Mac & Android
4663	(Inquisit 6) checkbox 'other' response textbox only shows the intended caption when going backwards in the survey
4671	(Inquisit 6) no error message for trials that expect keyboard input but get a mouse input stimulus as validresponse
4676	(Inquisit 6.1.1 Web / Lab; Windows, Mac?) Displaying values and expressions fails when system decimal separator is not "."
4679	Ability to set the mouse cursor position

Inquisit 6.1.1 (March 16, 2020)

4632	Tobii plugin ignores columns attribute on <eyetracker> element
4633	Help sitemap and topic titles still reference v5
4635	(Inquisit 6) Multi-monitor bugs
4638	Running multimonitor scripts result in QGestureManager crash when Inquisit exits
4640	/subjects attribute regression
4642    (Inquisit 6) Response column stores 0 and responsetext stores '-n'

Inquisit 6.1.0 (March 6, 2020)

4630	radiobutton/checkboxes don't use txcolor for HTML options.
4627	custom project runs in Inquisit 5 but produces error in Inquisit 6
4622	Start page layout is screwed up on high DPI monitor
4621	Mac - Inquisit Lab "Run" button is too big
4620	Survey dropdowns occlude captions
4619	listbox elements need better auto-sizing.
4618	no backward compatibility of Inquisit 5 scripts if <expt> assignment is set to random
4617	'other' textboxes for radiobuttons/checkbox elements a bit far off
4616	caption in survey is cut in half
4615	textbox location seems a bit off for orientation = horizontal
4614	Mac yin/yan image does not show up in simple page element
4613	simple page elements (white) add a light gray background
4612	/groupassignment = random is broken in Inquisit Web 6
4611	Inquisit Player fails to play video/sound files with uppercase filenames used in the script.
4607	Need to document HTML subset supported by text elements, etc
4606	using html markup code in survey response options
4605	anchors for sliders defined with absolute sizing are not positioned correctly
4604	drag drop latency bug
4603	spacebar press can result in response selection in survey
4600	drag drop bug in Tower of London Task (compared to Inquisit 5)
4599	sliders respond as if not responded to when going backwards in a survey
4593	Add support for Qt's HTML subset in text elements
4592	Support HTML subset in text pages
4591	Support HTML subset in surveys
4589	n-back task losing input focus after practice
4567	slider question oddly spaced out in faceemotions.iqx
4558	horizontal orientation setting of dropdown boxes results in weird layout
4533	Unify styling across platforms.
4330	Slider scales don't line up even though identical scale is used
4322	radiobuttons cannot be unselected once a response has been made

Inquisit 6.0.2 (February 16, 2020)

4332	Tobii pupilsize task isn't working with Tobii eye tracker due to API / EyeTracker spin-up time.
4564	(Inquisit 6,iOS/macOS) joystick/gamepad support is flaky.
4571	(Inquisit 6, ios & android) required textboxes turn red immediately
4598	(Inquisit 6 Web) Web Data files not properly named when script contains multiple survey elements
4563	speech recognition doesn't work
4573	Registration expiration trace key in user settings appears to override machine registration state
4583	iOS/Android - speech recognition should fail more gracefully
4527	(Inquisit6, windows) /correctresponse setting in openended trials inconsistent with itself and inconsistent with Inquisit 5 behavior
4534	(Inquisit 6, windows device in touchmode) response buttons could be a bit bigger
4553	textbox ignores explicit required = true setting
4565	(Inquisit 6, Android, Windows) spacebar up response not working in Digital Food Dispenser Task
4566	(Inquisit 6, Android) keyboard does not exit with return response in openended trial
4580	(Inquisit Player 6, all platforms) Inquisit Web Player finish page url sets ScriptPath to the local cache location rather than the original ScriptPath for Offline scripts.
4582	speech recognition does not record response
4545	radiobuttons horizontal orientation does not always present entire response option
4559	(Inquisit 6, Android) wrapping of response options with horizontal orientation settings off compared to windows/ios
4560	(Inquisit 6, ios) response option wrapping off on ios for horizontalequal radiobuttons
4570	(Inquisit 6, Android) white flashes during instruction trials that use html-elements with black background
4578	add a response property such as that uses the character not the scancode
4579	/sessions attribute to select batch and expt groups based on session number