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timeout attribute

The timeout attribute specifies a time deadline in milliseconds for a block, instruction page, or trial.

Member of

<block> <clock> <instruct> <likert> <openended> <response> <slidertrial> <trial>


/ timeout = integer expression


integer expression A integer value expressing the length of the deadline in milliseconds.


Once the timeout duration expires, the event is immediately terminated and the next event begins. For blocks, the timeout duration begins before pre-instruction pages and trials are run and thus includes time spent on instruction pages and trials. For trials, the duration begins as soon as Inquisit begins waiting for a response (by default, this is at the end of the stimulus presentation sequence, but can be earlier if the either the beginresponsetime or beginresponseframe attribute is set).

If a trial or block times out before the subject responds, the response is recorded as "0" and the latency is recorded as the timeout duration.

See How to Control Trial Duration and Inter-Trial Intervals for more details on controlling timing of trials.


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