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Go/No-Go Association Task (GNAT)

Resources and information for using the Go/No-Go Association Task (GNAT) with Inquisit.


To see the script run in Inquisit Web, click "View Demo". To run it locally with Inquisit Lab, first install Inquisit Lab, and then download the script.

The Go/No-go Association Task
This script runs the Go/No-go Association Task (GNAT), a measure of implicit social cognition developed by Brian Nosek (Nosek & Banaji, 2001). This is a demonstration script created by Brian Nosek that measures automatic attitudes toward fruit and bugs. If you plan to use the GNAT for research, you should carefully review the parameters of the GNAT outlined in Nosek & Banaji (2001) in the context of your research question. Please see Project Implicit for details.
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Project Implicit. The GNAT on Project Implicit.

Brian Nosek. University of Virginia, Project Implicit.

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