Adolescent Risk Behavior Screen (ARBS)

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Adolescent Risk Behavior Screen (ARBS)

The adolescent risk behavior screen developed by Jankowsk et al (2007).
Duration: 2 minutes
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Jankowski, MK, Rosenberg, HJ, Sengupta, A, Rosenberg, SD, & Wolford, GL (2007). Development of a Screening Tool to Identify Adolescents Engaged in Multiple Problem Behaviors: The Adolescent Risk Behavior Screen (ARBS). Journal of Adolescent Health, 40, 180.e19 –180.e26.

Kirsty, H., & Andrew, M. D. (January 01, 2013). Sense of coherence as a predictor of risky health behaviours amongst teenage girls on a targeted youth development programme. Journal of Public Mental Health, 12, 3, 146-152.