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Adolescent Risk Behavior Screen (ARBS) - Jankowski et al (2007)

Arrow Flanker Task - ABCD - ABCD Consortium (2016)

Balloon Analogue Risk Task (BART) - Lejuez et al. (2002)

Delay Discounting Task - ABCD - ABCD Consortium (2016)

Door Opening Task - Matthys et al (1998)

Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI) - Garner et al (1983)

Emotional Stroop Task - ABCD - ABCD Consortium

General Family Functioning Subscale - Epstein et al (1983)

Little Man Test - ABCD - ABCD Consortium (2016)

RT-18 Risk Taking Questionnaire (RT18) - de Haan et al (2011)

Youth Behavior Risk Survey - Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2015)