Millisecond Test Library: Emotion

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Affective Shift Task (AST) - De Lissnyder et al (2010)

Comprehensive Affect Testing System (CATS) - Froming et al (2006)

Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) - Gratz & Roemer (2004)

Dot Probe Task - MacLeod et al (2007)

Emotional Face N-Back Task (EFNBACK) - Ladouceur et al (2009)

Emotional Go / No-Go Task - Tottenham et al (2010)

Emotional Memory Task - Mo et al (2021)

Emotional Stroop Task - Smith & Waterman (2003)

Emotional Stroop Task - ABCD - ABCD Consortium (2016)

Facial Displays of Emotion - Beaupre & Hess (2005)

Reading the Mind in Films Task (RMF) - Golan et al (2006)

Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test - Revised - Baron-Cohen et al (2001)

Schutte Self-Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT) - Schutte et al (1998)

Self Assessment Manikin (SAM) - Bradley & Lang (1994)

Snaith Hamilton Pleasure Scale (SHAPS) - Snaith et al (1995)