Millisecond Test Library: Mathematical Processing

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Abbreviated Math Anxiety Scale (AMAS) - Hopko et al (2003)

Adaptive Composite Complex Span (ACCES) - Gonthier et al (2016)

Coordinate Plane Task - Geary et al (2015)

Luchins Water Jug Task - Luchins & Luchins (1950)

Math Effort Task (MET) - Engle-Friedman et al (2003)

Mathematical Processing - Turner et al (1986)

Mental Arithmetic Task - Kahneman et al (1965)

Number Bisection Task - Nuerk et al (2002)

Number Series Task - Redick et al (2012)

Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test (PASAT) - Gronwall (1977)

Serial Sevens (Serial Threes) Task - Hayman (1942)

Trier Mental Challenge Test (TMCT) - Kirshbaum et al (1991)