This sample data is from Inquisit 6 and may differ from that of previous versions of this test.

Data are saved as tab-delimited text files that can be imported into Excel, SPSS, Stata, and other stats packages. For help interpreting the data fields, please see the User Manual for the test.

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script.startdate	script.starttime	script.subjectid	script.groupid	script.elapsedtime	computer.platform	values.completed	parameters.runBlockedDesign	expressions.propCorrect_practice1	values.aborted	expressions.propCorrect_overall	expressions.meanRT_overall	expressions.propCorrect_3stims	expressions.meanRT_3stims	expressions.propCorrect_6stims	expressions.meanRT_6stims	values.sumPrematureResponses	values.sumPrematureResponses_3stims	values.sumPrematureResponses_6stims
050718	22:15:49	298971706	168797763	467766	win	1	1	0.9000000000000000222	0	0.7916666666666666297	1144.1578947368420813291	0.75	894.6666666666666287711	0.8333333333333333703	1368.7000000000000454747	0	0	0