The Inquisit 6 SR Research Plugin enables integration of your Inquisit tests with Eye Link eytrackers from SR Research. Using the plugin, Inquisit can programmatically access real-time data from the eye tracker such gaze point and pupil size for use in gaze-contingent task procedures. Inquisit also automatically sends task metadata to the eye tracker such as stimulus onsets, images presented, areas of interest, trial variables, and participant responses, thereby enabling rich analysis of the gazepoint stream in the SR Research Data Viewer tool.

Easily incorporate eye tracking data into Inquisit's extensive library of psychological tests

Millisecond offers an unparalleled library of tests covering almost all areas of psychology. With the Inquisit SR Reseach Plugin, these tests can be easily supplemented with gaze point analysis in order to gain additional insights into test performance. Leverage any of the paradigms in our test library, or program your own. Runs on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Rich integration with the SR Research Data Viewer tool

With the Inquisit 6 SR Research Plugin, rich meta data about visually presented stimuli are automatically sent to the eye tracking system and recoreded to the EDF file. Inquisit automatically notifies the eye tracker of stimulus onsets and areas of interest, and any presented images are sent to the eyetracker. As a result, Data Viewer can overlay fixations on any presented images, and it can replay gaze points over the stimulus presentation sequence over time.

Inquisit automatically sends trial variables and participant responses to the eye tracker, enabling the aggregation of gaze point data by condition within Data Viewer. For maxium flexiblity, custom markers can be sent to the eye tracker in order to define additional events or variables of interest for subsequent analyses.

Download and Install

The Inquisit 6 SR Research Plugin is built into Inquisit 6 Lab, so if you have downloaded and installed Inquisit 6 lab, there's is nothing further to do. To enable the plugin, you'll need a registration key for the plugin, which you obtain by purchasing a plugin license. (Note - this is a different registration key than the one used to register Inquisit 6 Lab.)

Documentation and samples

Please visit our SR Research test library page for sample scripts demonstrating gaze-contingent tasks using SR Research eye trackers.

For information on setting up and programming a SR Research eye tracker, see our help topics on the eyetracker element and the language extensions specific to the SR Research Plugin.


A license is required for both Inquisit Lab and the SR Research Plugin on each computer on which the plugin is registered. The first license purchased on the account is billed as a Primary License. Subsequent licenses for additional computers are billed at the lower Additional License rate, whether purchased together with the primary license or separately at a later time. Licenses can be transferred to other computers if, for example, your hard drive crashes or you upgrade your equipment.

Individual Licenses

Licenses do not expire and include 3 years of free updates, after which the license can optionally be upgraded to receive further updates.
Academic Commercial
New Upgrade New Upgrade
First License $695 $395 $995 $495
Additional Licenses $395 $195 $495 $295

Departmental Licenses

New Renew New Renew
1-Year Departmental License $1295 $795 $1695 $995
3-Year Departmental License $2295 $1495 $3295 $1995
New Upgrade New Upgrade
Perpetual Departmental License
Includes 3 years of free updates, after which the license can optionally be upgraded to receive further updates.
$2295 $1295 $3295 $1495

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