Dear Inquisit: I'd like to thank you for your wonderful service. I was having a difficult time programming a particular experiment and Sean stepped in and saved the day. I have been using the program over the past 5 years or so. The ability to track the timing of key input is an metric that is useful in many different types of applications. I really appreciate your help and look forward to using the software more in the future.

Randi Priluck
Pace University

We are using Inquisit for several years to everyone's satisfaction. Ín fact it's one of the most used tools in our labs. We especially want to emphasize the excellent service Sean Draine and his support staff is offering.

Charles Bonnemayer
Maastricht University

I've used Inquisit exclusively as my lab software for almost a decade. I was around when Sean Draine created Inquisit, and helped with some of the initial design. I was delighted when Sean decided to convert it to a general-purpose lab software package and make it his full-time business. Inquisit does everything I need. It does several things that I'm pretty sure no other lab package does (web data collection; speech recognition; as well as facilitating some complicated procedures that I use regularly in my subliminal priming research).Sean has always been responsive to user input and regularly adds features that were requested by users. The newest version (3) seems very successful. I adopted it almost as soon as it became available.

Tony Greenwald
University of Washington

In order to support our research about implicit attitudes towards Coca-Cola/Pepsi Cola we used inquisit software to measure these attitudes. In fact, the programme was a succes and wil be used as a basis for future research by my University. This is the first programme that is easy to adapt and transform into an own research design. The measurements are clear and it is a fun way for researchers and respondents to do a research.

Denise Verburg
VU, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I was looking for a tool that would allow me to administer psychological experiments on the internet. While there were many online survey providers, none of these provided the control that I needed. Inquisit has fulfilled many important requirements including measuring response latencies, randomising question ordering, and customising the means of participant interaction. I have been particularly impressed with the responsiveness of Inquisit support staff in responding to additional feature requests.

Jeromy Anglim
The University of Melbourne