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Rapid Reaching Task - English

A measure of risk-taking in children by Dekker & Nardini (2016) using a visuomotor task with costly penalties for wrong choices.

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Chapman, Craig S, Gallivan, Jason P, Wood, Daniel K, Milne, Jennifer L, Culham, Jody C, & Goodale, Melvyn A. (2010). Reaching for the unknown: Multiple target encoding and real-time decision-making in a rapid reach task. Cognition, 116(2), 168-176.

Chapman, Craig S, Gallivan, Jason P, Wong, Jeremy D, Wispinski, Nathan J, & Enns, James T. (2015). The Snooze of Lose: Rapid Reaching Reveals That Losses Are Processed More Slowly Than Gains. Journal of Experimental Psychology. General, 144(4), 844-863.

Dekker TM, Nardini M. Risky visuomotor choices during rapid reaching in childhood. Dev Sci. 2016;19(3):427–439