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Precision Psychological Testing Online

Collect rich psychological data online. Use any test in the Millisecond Test Library, customize them, or program your own novel procedure from scratch.

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Remote psychological testing

Move your research online with Inquisit Web, and enable your participants to perform experiments from the convenience and safety of their home. Use any test in the Millisecond Test Library online, customize them, or even program your own.

Testing on mobile devices

Inquisit Web runs on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Surface devices. Allow your participants to do remote testing on their own devices, or take your mobile devices into the field for "in situ" data collection. More information about Inquisit on mobile devices.

Reach more diverse subject populations

Inquisit 6 Web expands your subject pool by allowing you to reach populations that cannot come into the lab due to geographic location, scheduling conflicts, or anxiety. Offer participants the convenience of participating at the time and location of their choice.

Unlimited numbers of participants

With a single Inquisit 6 web license, you can publish a study online and gather data from an unlimited number of participants simultaneously or in sequence, for the duration of the license. There are no charges per data file.

Secure, centralized data stores

Inquisit Web uploads data to your account on Millisecond, where you can login to access all of your data. Data are saved in highly reliable redundant and backed up stores. Choose between EU or US servers for data processing and storage.

Online and Offline data collection

Download your tests to Inquisit 6 Web on your mobile device and collect data offline if network connections are unavailable or unreliable.

Precision timing over the web

Inquisit Web uses an app to run tests, giving it access to the high-performance native system components required to achieve millisecond precision timing. In fact, Inquisit 6 Web uses exactly the same powerful and fast engine that Inquisit 6 Lab uses. The engine takes just a few seconds to download.

Tests adapt to different devices and form factors

Inquisit is a lightweight, efficient engine that performs well on even the slowest computers still in use today. Inquisit Web automatically adapts to the device it's running on, scaling visual presentations as needed and using the input modes available (e.g., touch screen, mouse, keyboard). Write your script once and run it on any device.

Try an Inquisit 6 Web experiment

To see what it's like to participate in an Inquisit web experiment, you can run any of the dozens of measures available online in the Millisecond Test Library. Just click the measure you are interested in, and then click the "View Demo" link on the home page for that measure. For example, you can test our IAT scripts by clicking any of the "View Demo" links on our IAT page. Every script in our test library, including source code, is freely available for use by Inquisit license holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run more than one subject at a time with a single individual Inquisit Web license?

Yes. There are no limits on the number of participants who can run your Inquisit Web experiment, simultaneously or otherwise.

Can I run my experiment on more than one device with a single individual Inquisit Web license?

Yes. There are no limits on the number of devices that can run your Inquisit Web experiment.

Can I administer more than one test with a single individual Inquisit Web license?

Yes. There are no limits on the number of tests that be administered in your Inquisit Web experiment.

Is an Inquisit Web experiment a single test?

No. An Inquisit Web experiment can include of batteries of tests and can accomodate a wide range of experimental designs, including between-subject variations, clinical trials, and longitudinal studies with different tests adminstered at different phases.

Does my Inquisit Web license start as soon as I order it?

No. When you are ready to start your license, you can do so by logging into your account and clicking the start link for the license.

Do I need to purchase an Inquisit Lab license to run online experiments?

No. Inquisit Lab is used for a) in-person testing on dedicated computers, and b) programming or customizing tests. If neither situation applies to you, you do NOT need an Inquisit Lab license to run online experiments. You only need an Inquisit Web license.

What happens to my data when my Inquisit Web license expires?

Your data will remain available in your account for download for 5 years unless you delete them before that. After 5 years, they will be archived and can be retreived for a fee.

I want to use Inquisit Web with Mechanical Turk, Qualtrics, Unipark, Survey Monkey, or some other 3rd-party web product. Is this possible?

Yes, please see our help topic on using Inquisit with 3rd party online packages

How long do you support Inquisit Web Perpetual licenses?

Perpetual license do not expire, so you may continue using them as long as you like. Perpetual licenses include 3 years of free updates, after which you can optionally renew them if your require further updates.

Is there a free trial for Inquisit Web?

No. However, you can see how your script will run as well as the data output using the free-trial for Inquisit Lab. The test administration and data output are exactly the same with Inquisit Web and Inquisit Web. You can see how Inquisit Web runs tests by visiting our test library and clicking the "Run Demo" link for a give test.

I purchased a 1-year Inquisit Web license, and I would like to extend it to 3 years. Do I have to pay the full price for a 3-year license?

No. Shorter licenses can be extended to longer licenses for the different in price of the two licenses. The start date of the longer license will be set to the start date of the original shorter license.

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