If you have questions about how to use Inquisit, there are a number of places you can find answers.


The "Search Millisecond" box in the upper right corner of the screen allows you to search all of the content on our web site, including sales and pricing info, documentation, and user forums. Our search uses Google behind the scenes.

Inquisit Documentation

For simple "how to" questions, the Inquisit documentation may have the information you need. The documentation is available from the Inquisit Help menu as well as on the web.

Millisecond User Forums

The Millisecond User Forums are online message boards for questions and answers about Inquisit. The forums are open to everyone. Search previous posts for answers or post your own feedback or technical questions. Millisecond actively monitors and responds to all questions posted on the forum.


Before emailing us, please consider posting your technical questions to the Millisecond User Forums so that others might benefit from the solution. Otherwise, you can email your questions directly to us at . If your question relates to a script that you are programming, please attach the script and any supporting files (e.g., pictures, sound files, movies, etc.) to your email so that we can more quickly answer your question.

Millisecond Test Library

For many common experimental procedures, you can download scripts from the Millisecond Test Library that demonstrate how to program them. Even if you don't find the exact procedure you are interested in, you may find something similar to get you started.

Inquisit Tutorials

Ron Dotsch from Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen in the Netherlands has put together a great set of Inquisit tutorials, including an overview of Inquisit programming as well as a guide for analyzing Inquisit data in SPSS.

Inquisit Programming Book (Chinese)

Professor Feng Chengzhi from the Psychology Department at Soochow University has written a Chinese language book on programming experiments with Inquisit. The book is available on Amazon for purchase.

Programming and Consulting Services

Millisecond offers end to end consulting services covering study design, script programming, and data analysis. Email a journal article describing the basic procedure to and we can give you an estimate.