Millisecond Test Library: Behavioral Economics

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5-Trial Adjusting Delay Discounting Task - Koffarnus, Warren, and Bickel (2014)

Bandit Task - Knox et al (2012)

Blackjack - Las Vegas, NV

Certainty Equivalent Procedure - Tversky and Kahneman (1992)

Cognitive Reflection Test - Frederick (2005)

Decision Balance Matrix - DiClemente et al (1985)

Decision Board Analysis Task - Mustafa et al (2012)

Delay Discounting Task - Cherek et al. (1997), Richards et al. (1999)

Demand Selection Task - Kool et al (2010)

Dictator Game - Brocklebank et al (2011)

Effort Discounting Task - Botvinick et al (2009)

Framing Effect - Tversky & Kahneman (1981)

Game of Chicken - Rapaport & Chammah (1966)

Hypothetical Purchase Task Questionnaire (HPT) - Roma et al (2016)

Jumping To Conclusions (JTC) Beads Task - Phillips & Edwards (1966)

Monetary Incentive Delay Task - Knutson et al (2000)

Negotiation Task - De Dreu & Van Kleef (2004)

Pizza Game - Keil et al (2017)

Prisoner's Dilemma Task - Ellet et al (2013)

Response Game - Brocklebank et al (2011)

Trust Game - Berg et al (1995)

Two-Step Decision Task - Decker et al (2016)

Ultimatum Game - Harle & Sanfey (2010)