Millisecond Test Library: Games

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Anagrams Test - Novick & Sherman (2003)

Balloon Popping Task - Semmelmann et al (2016)

Bandit Task - Knox et al (2012)

BeanFest - Fazio et al. (2004)

Blackjack - Las Vegas, NV

Bomb Risk Elicitation Task (BRET) - Crosetto & Filippin (2013)

Cake Gambling Task - Van Leijenhorst et al (2008)

Columbia Card Task - Figner et al. (2009)

Cyberball - Williams et al. (2000)

Dictator Game - Brocklebank et al (2011)

Do You Remember (Husker Du) Game - Millisecond (2016)

Door Opening Task - Matthys et al (1998)

Game of Chicken - Rapaport & Chammah (1966)

Game of Dice Task - Brand et al. (2002)

Hungry Donkey Task - Crone & van der Molen (2004)

Millisecond Gambling Task - Rogers et al (1999)

Mr Peanut Test - Morra (1994)

Pizza Game - Keil et al (2017)

Response Game - Brocklebank et al (2011)

Tangrams Puzzle Task - Millisecond (2016)

Tower of Hanoi Test - Humes et al (1997)

Tower of London Task - Shallice (1982)

Trust Game - Berg et al (1995)

Ultimatum Game - Harle & Sanfey (2010)