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Activated Long-Term Memory Task - Woltz & Was (2006)

Bandit Task - Knox et al (2012)

BeanFest - Fazio et al. (2004)

Behavior Adaptation Task - Hester et al (2007)

Color Shape Task - Miyake et al (2004)

Evaluative Conditioning Task - Olson & Fazio (2001)

Face Name Associative Memory Exam - Rentz et al (2011)

Hungry Donkey Task - Crone & van der Molen (2004)

Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) - Bechara (1994)

Karpicke & Roediger Learning Task - Karpicke & Roediger (2008)

List Learning Task - Ivnik et al (1990)

Permuted Rules Operation Task (PRO) - Cole et al (2018)

Probabilistic Reversal Learning Task - Cools et al (2002)

Probabilistic Reward Task - Tripp & Alsop (1999)

Probabilistic Selection Task - Frank et al (2004)

Rey Visual Design Learning Test - Wilhelm (2004)

Self Referential Processing Task - Sui et al (2012)

Self-Esteem Conditioning Task - Baccus, Baldwin, & Packer (2004)

Self-Esteem Matrix Task - Dandeneau & Baldwin (2004)

Serial Reaction Time Task - Nissen & Bullemer (1987)

Social Evaluation Learning Task - Button et al (2015)

Transitive Inference Task - Frank et al (2004)

Verbal Selective Reminding Task - Buschke (1973)

Visual Statistical Learning Task (VSL) - Turk-Browne et al (2005)

Weather Prediction Test - Knowlton et al (1994)

Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST) - Grant & Berg (1948)